What is Active Voltage Correction?

normal voltage readout

Illustrates normal low voltage daily operating in facility and output voltage corrected to 99%-100% constant.

Voltage and current are constantly changing in distribution systems. Your drives, boards and controls are constantly bombarded with voltage and amperage sags and surges. We know the inverse relationship between voltage (volts) and current (amps) is constantly offsetting. When there is a voltage sag the amperage spikes, and when the voltage surges the amperage sags. All of your controls are exposed to this change 100% of the time. A Voltage Correction Device will correct and hold the voltage to avoid these deviations that slowly wear out control and all process equipment. Recurring maintenance to replace boards, capacitors, and parts is more frequent because of this wear. Not to mention complete downtime to reset equipment and processes. (AVC) Active Voltage Correction or (AVR) Active Voltage Regulation are technologies to provide voltage stability. 

How is a System Installed?

active voltage correction system

Active Voltage Correction system installed to protect metal laser cutting processes. 

A system may be sized to pick up an entire facility, specific process line, or down to the individual piece of equipment. A Facility Power Study and possible monitoring will be done to specifically pick up the issues in the plant. The equipment is located near the equipment it is supported. Switchgear distribution sections that support the facility are usually the location to tie in systems to pick up areas of the plant. Systems may also be located outside. Our national team of installation professionals can provide a turn-key installation proposal that reflect delivery, installation and electrical inter-connection.